CBC3 : Dimensional Holocaust

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CBC3 : Dimensional Holocaust

Mensagem por BZB em Seg 11 Jul 2016, 7:43 pm

Capcom Battle Coliseum 3 : Dimensional Holocaust - 2016 by Brazombie

This edition was completely edited, all of the backgrounds were enlarged vertical and sidelong. Camera standardized to leave the smaller characters and to improve the gameplay, increasing the space of the fights and providing more strategies. Many colors and attributes in the stages were added, using the classic technique of mirroring the sprites, I learned this formerly in the first openbor works, and I decided to do here. Surprising in some occasions the sensation to "fall upward", but it is part of the unreal ideology of this event. All the super exaggerating jumps were decreased, providing the earthiest disputes. Some chars with very low jumps were increased, or won air jumps. Just the air combos and other aerial ones are unaffected, for aesthetics reason, in the way that the authors created. Other several details were altered, is impossible to tell all. But my sincere gratitudes to the authors. It was not possible to contact them for reason of my activities.  Obvious that this project would not be accomplished without these great creations. Thanks !

The End:  
The union of all forces dropped the evil of the throne. The destruction of the malicious source provoked a larger disturbance, gathering personalities not conceived by the reality. All the old deceaseds were reborn, and each head will combat in this chaos for the own permanence. This is my last version of this work, anybody can deserve M.U.G.E.N and to do infinite possibilities. Capcom & SNK and other so many presents in this project, didn't regulate this. But we loved them!    July, 2016

- Mugen 1.1 beta
- 180 chars. Some don't belong the franchises Capcom, but were included for good performance and graphic style.
- 90 stages/ 80 musics/ No zoom

Download in 3 parts :

part 1 - 700 MB - https://firedrop.com/29daa4c6e892ebe5

part 2 - 700 MB - https://firedrop.com/5ae42e61d38e53a3

part 3 - 692 MB - https://firedrop.com/51d580edc1d69d74

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